Do you find yourself absentmindedly staring at your computer dreaming about a midday nap to get through your workday? Still can’t think after downing that energy drink? Here are a few ways that full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD can help you maintain consistent energy levels to ensure that your productivity stays up and your workday goes smoothly.

We all have days when work gets monotonous and staying focused and motivated is a challenge. Additionally, stress, anxiety, and depression can all decrease motivation at work. According to studies, CBD may help diminish motivational dysfunction as well as boost neural pathways involved in thought navigation leading to clearer thinking and increased productivity CBD may help with avoiding the mid-workday mental slump. The 24 hours transdermal dual release delivery system was designed to help support optimal energy levels throughout the day to keep you focused and motivated.

Feeling like a zombie at work after a night of tossing and turning? Lack of sleep can be a major problem affecting workplace productivity. Individuals using full-spectrum CBD regularly have reported that it has helped with enhancing the quality of their sleep, improving sleep patterns, and feeling more calm and relaxed at bedtime. Being well-rested means being more relaxed and less prone to stress which can increase productivity.

Before using CBD, it’s always a good idea to consult with a doctor if you have any health concerns as well as understanding how CBD affects you specifically prior to using at work.

Written by Janette Kirton