As school is back in session and the weather is a bit cooler, it seems like life picks up the pace! Here are 5 ways to help stay fit and sane through the craziness.
  1. Take time for you – First and foremost, it is extremely crucial to take care of yourself both physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  If caretakers aren’t taking care of themselves, it nearly impossible to carry others.  Whenever possible, take those short moments to meditate, close the door to breathe, think, take strolls in the yard, or sit quietly on your porch after everyone has gone to bed. Moments of silence are important to reflect on the day and to recenter yourself for the day ahead.
  2. Walk and move every day – Staying active, even if it is just doing chores around the house, it can be beneficial to the mind as well as the body. You will have more energy throughout the day and burn more calories as you keep moving throughout the day. Endorphins are released during physical movement as well, which helps you sustain that good mood you need to get through the daily ups and downs.
  3. Plan, prepare, and stay accountable – Even when times are extremely busy, like the back to school season, keeping a reign on yourself will pay off down the road.  Don’t lose sight of all goals, and work that you have completed getting to where you are.  Maintain your food logs, diaries, or check-ins with a friend or coach to remind yourself that you do matter, and your goals are still a priority. Meal prepping can be even more critical during these chaotic times to prevent binging, poor choices, or starvation while running the littles around.  Having a small packed cooler or bag in the car with snacks for you and the children will benefit you far more than just that moment in need. Keep your supplements on you—just a few packets of nutrition-packed supplements can change your day when you need it the most!
  4. Play with your kids – Get down on your knees and crawl around with the kids.  They need this uninhibited play just as much as you do. Research shows that relationships and connections are the top indicators of living a long, healthy life.  Why not have those connections be with the ones you love most?
  5. Use your home gym – When time is of the essence, invest in low-cost equipment or supplies at home to assist you in your weekly exercises.  Bands, light weights, mats, Bosu balls, are all items under $50 that you could store easily somewhere at home to have easy access to when you have even only 10 minutes.