Al and Cheryl Lewis are a positive, impactful, powerhouse couple that bring a big presence and spread good vibes wherever they go. Al, a 30-year United States Air Force veteran, and Cheryl, a skilled Registered Nurse with 26 years of experience, believe that nutrition is the foundation of good health. The couple is on a mission to spread their belief in the power of Zija’s Core Moringa Supplements. In fact, they’re often found saying, “Once Zija is in you, it changes your life; but once you’re in Zija, you can change the world.” Read more of their inspiring words and motivation to incorporate Core Moringa’s products into their lives, below:

What was life like pre-Zija?

Al: For the last 15 years of my career, I was trying to think of how I could spread freedom outside of the military. I was tired, not feeling great, and was realizing I may not have many quality years in front of me. I stood for freedom but felt imprisoned in our lack of health. We began to see that others were in the same situation as us, not reaching freedom and their Life Unlimited potential.
Cheryl: We didn’t know the freedom that was missing
due to our health. My health was deteriorating, I was sick and exhausted, was reliant on medications that didn’t seem to help, and I had given the best of my time to my profession and didn’t have anything left to give to my husband or children.

What was the turning point?

Cheryl: I had been struggling with my health and I had lost hope. After taking samples of Core Moringa SuperMix, I suddenly began to rock n’ roll! I felt an energy I hadn’t had in years, I felt I had quality time to spend with my family again, I had mental clarity, and I had endurance. It was something I hadn’t seen or experienced working 26 years in the healthcare system. These Core Moringa products have become my life—I will not go a day without the nutrition that I receive from these products. These products matter.

Al: We had found a way to spread freedom in a different way—by sharing Zija’s products. We are blessed with the opportunity to tell people about products that have the potential to change their life and their health. We want to give people the fighting chance to help themselves feel better.