Energy drinks are increasing in popularity, especially among youth. The International Journal of Health Sciences reported that in 2013 alone consumers drank more than 1.5 billion gallons (over 5.8 billion liters) of energy drinks! The vast majority of these drinks lack any kind of nutritional backbone, and with each drink carrying an average of 24-29 grams of sugar they are little more than caffeinated sugary drinks. It’s time for a change.

First, check the label on your energy drink. This is also a good practice for everything you put into or on your body. Be aware of what you are consuming. This is the first step to ensuring optimum health and energy levels. Consuming natural ingredients and avoiding synthetic ingredients and toxins will go a long way. But you can’t avoid what you don’t see. So, take a look.

Next, make sure your energy drink has a healthy foundation. By fortifying your energy with nutrients you can help avoid those unpleasant crashes that often come a few hours after your morning pick-me-up that results in your crawling back for more at mid-day. The more natural the source of nutrients the better. More and more we see how synthetic vitamins are not as effective as we think they are. There is no substitute for natural nutrition from real food rather than a pill. Moringa oleifera is nature’s multivitamin. This tree contains more than 90 vitamins and minerals within its leaves, fruit, and seeds. And because it is natural it has much better bioavailability, this means you get more bang for your buck. So you don’t need as much as you would a synthetic multivitamin. Here’s our favorite Moringa-fueled energy drink.

Being aware of what you are drinking and making sure that what you are using for your morning pick-me-up not only energizes but nourishes your body you will be able to energize responsibly.

Written by Jake Johnston