Brent had an amazing transformative experience using Zija products over the past year! Here is his story and some advice for others who are inspired by his journey. Congratulations, Brent!

“Before discovering Zija, I was at the highest weight of my entire life. I was tired, moody, and a real couch potato. My before picture was taken during my birthday luncheon at work. When I saw this, I felt embarrassed because I looked so bad. When I started Zija in May 2019, I was hooked. I had this new energy, my food cravings stopped, and since starting Zija products, I have lost 41 pounds! Zija has opened my eyes to a whole new world of being healthier and doing it naturally without crazy diets or extreme exercise programs. This past holiday season, my weight when down a pound instead of up. I couldn’t be happier with the new me!”



  1. What product(s) do you enjoy the most, or found helped you the most?
    • The product I enjoy the most is XM+. I drink it every morning to start my day. It provides a great energy boost, and gives me all the vitamins and minerals my unhealthy food wasn’t providing. I also like the XM3 tablets. They help curb cravings and helped me stay motivated to avoid snacking.
  2. What advice would you give to others who are inspired by you?
    • I encourage others to stick with the products. You do not put weight on overnight, and it won’t come off overnight. Start with your morning SuperMix or XM+ and stay consistent. Add activity or exercise when you can. For me, 30 minutes of exercise a day made me feel better, and helped to shed some extra weight. When the weight starting coming off after about 2 weeks, I really noticed greater results the longer I used the products. I’m still a work in progress, but I feel so much better physically and mentally. When friends and family notice your change, it will motivate you to keep it up. I have changed my eating habits, and while I still enjoy a little fast food or potato chips, I’ve learned to be healthier about it. The products gave me a new mindset. My local Zija leaders were super helpful too. If you ever have questions, reach out to your coach. They will be more than glad to help!