Rachael and her husband, Dion, both experienced a stunning weight loss transformation using Zija products after trying countless others and having nothing work. Here is her story and some advice she has for others who have also struggled with different methods for weight loss. Congratulations, Rachael, and Dion!

“Before being introduced to Zija, I was struggling with my health and had pretty much given up hope of ever really feeling good. I had a constant headache along with multiple migraines per month, I had no energy, had painful swelling in my feet and ankles (which made it painful to get out of bed each morning, I couldn’t put my feet flat on the floor right away) and I had gained weight. I felt like I tried everything to feel better—daily medication for my headaches, acupuncture, chiropractic care, multiple supplement routines, and a weight loss program. Nothing was making much of a difference.”

“When I first got a sample of SuperMix, I was very skeptical. I saw its main ingredient was Moringa, so I went home and did some research. I thought it was too good to be true! However, I was desperate for change, so I decided to give it a try. Within the first month, I noticed I was feeling a little better. Around the beginning of my third month, I asked my husband to give it a try. I told him I’d mix it up for him each day if he would drink it. During this time, I also started XMburn and Premium Tea. Not only was I starting to feel better, but the weight started coming off. I’ll never forget the day I got out of bed and was able to put my feet flat on the floor without any pain in my feet and ankles. I’ll admit I had a few tears! My husband noticed that he wasn’t having as much knee pain and had more energy. He also started mixing up his own drink each day. I also noticed some positive changes in my mental health.”

“My husband and I started this journey almost five years ago. Since then, I’ve lost 30 pounds, my husband is down 40 pounds and our health is better than ever. At 47 years young, I feel the best I have ever felt both physically and mentally. These products gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful. I’m also thankful to have my husband working the business with me so we can help others. I’m thankful each day that I decided to give one more thing a try!”



  1. What product do you enjoy the most, or found helped you the most?
    • The products that helped us the most during our transformation were SuperMix, XMburn, and Premium Tea. If we had to narrow it down to our favorite products, it would be SuperMix and XM+.
  2. What advice would you give to others who are inspired by you?
    • My advice would be to use the products daily—consistency is key! It’s not going to work if you use them for a couple of days, miss a few days, and then start back again. Also, give it time. We recommend to anyone that is getting started to commit to at least three months. We didn’t get this way overnight. Nothing is going to get fixed overnight.
  3. Let us know if there is anything your husband wants to add!
    • From my husband, Dion: “I was very skeptical in the beginning when Rachael got started. I had seen her waste a lot of money on so many different things trying to feel better. I’m glad I was wrong. It has been life-changing for both of us. If for some reason we ever stopped being distributors, which we have no plans on doing, we will never stop using these products.”