When we hear about hydration, typically, we think of the need to drink plenty of fluids during the hot summer months and strenuous workouts, when we would naturally perspire most. What we don’t consider is the need for our bodies to be hydrated year round, and all day long in order to meet the needs of essential bodily functions, including our nerves, brain and muscle activity. Drinking fluids also serve other purposes such as controlling our body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, and removing waste.
Without proper fluids, our bodies can begin to shut down and in severe cases, a person may experience altered behavior such as confusion or sleepiness, inability to walk or stand, rapid breathing, etc. As winter months are quickly approaching, we need to be aware of our intake of fluids each day. With numerous products and sports drinks on the market packed with sugar, artificial flavors and other potentially harmful chemicals which could be detrimental to our health as well as our fitness goals, we must be more selective in choosing which fluids we are consuming.
Try supplementing with a natural electrolyte-packed drink like Hydrate, formulated to contain essential and needed electrolytes for people of all ages. Hydrate is low calorie, low sugar and contains no stimulants, artificial colors or flavors, therefore, making it a great choice for fluid consumption in addition to drinking plenty of water.