Having good health is hard during this wintertime season. The gingerbread cookies, the cakes, the sweet holiday treats—they’re irresistible. And to be honest, who wants to resist them? But, depending on which study you read, the average American gains 6 pounds during the months of November and December. Use these tips to help pace yourself when it comes to holiday eating:

Tip 1: Seeing the negative nutritional offerings during the holidays (big turkey meals, endless treats), it’s important to focus on the positive ones and the things that can affect health for good. Eat as much real food as you can, with as many real ingredients as possible. The food industry wants you to believe that your poor behavior is the culprit when it comes to gaining unwanted pounds. Try adding products that lower stress levels and calms nerves, like a tea with CBD incorporated into its ingredients. When you are calm and relaxed, it’s easier to make mindful food choices.

Tip 2: Stop and give 30 seconds of gratitude prior to eating. A recent study showed that if you do this, your body releases more digestive enzymes and speeds up your metabolism. Your demonstration of gratitude can be silent or out loud, and it can be to a higher power or just to Mother Earth for providing. It doesn’t matter—it’s the actual act of gratitude that helps the body process food.

Tip 3: To maximize your exercise efforts, try consuming products with beetroots and products containing beetroot ingredients (beet juice powders, beet juice extracts, and beet juice). Studies performed show a link to improved health indicators when beetroots are consumed. These indicators or health benefits include supporting healthy blood pressure, normal blood flow, and oxygen delivery. Other areas of interest with a positive correlation for support include dementia, blood sugar levels, digestive tract health, and exercise and athletic performance. You’ll be able to get more out of your wintertime workouts and have sustained energy throughout the day!

As you go through this holiday season look to include healthy products in your daily routine. By doing this you will be able to enjoy many more years to come! Here’s to your health and happiness this holiday season.