During the holiday season, I like to sit down and make a list of things for which I am most grateful. My list varies each year but there are a few that land consistently at the top: family, friends, religion, and health.

Each year as I look at my current health status and the health of my family members, I am amazed at how we are bombarded every day with negative nutrition—from super-sized fast food meals, to high sugar nutrient-free beverages, the offerings are endless! Seeing the negative offerings, I also like to focus on the positive ones and the things that can affect health for good. This year one ingredient or offering that came to mind is beetroots.

Beetroots and products containing beetroot ingredients (beet juice powders, beet juice extracts, and beet juice) have been gaining in popularity. Studies performed show a link to improved health indicators when beetroots are consumed. These indicators or health benefits include supporting healthy blood pressure, normal blood flow, and oxygen delivery. Other areas of interest with a positive correlation for support include dementia, blood sugar levels, digestive tract health, and exercise and athletic performance.

Beetroot supplementation is thought to improve oxygenation in the body. Quality of life can be positively impacted due to additional oxygen availability and transport to body organs and systems. The key to this is conversion of nitrate, which is present in beetroots, to nitrite and then ultimately nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is known to play important roles in vascular and metabolic processes, exercise endurance, and is a powerful vasodilator. During endurance exercise, increased dietary nitrate and in turn available nitric oxide has the potential to improve duration of output.

For the last 2 months I have been using a stimulant-free product that contains both beetroot extract and beetroot powder every morning. I have noticed a couple things. First, I feel like I have more energy throughout the day, and second, I feel like I am able to get more out of my exercise routines. With the links to health listed above and from my personal experience I am a believer!

As you go through this holiday season look to include healthy products in your daily routine. By doing this you will be able to enjoy many more years to come! Here’s to your health and happiness this holiday season.