Holly Moss has two major passions in life—a healthy, preventative lifestyle for her loved ones and naturally teaching and educating others on how to obtain one. After receiving her master’s degree in education and being a mom of four, Holly found herself embracing a healthy living in the form of whole foods, an active lifestyle, valuable mental health practices, and using dozens of Améo Essential Oils in her home on a daily basis. She says the more she focused on incorporating essential oils into her life, the more her family’s lifestyle improved and their habits grew even healthier. Read more of Holly’s motivation to embrace Améo Essential Oils into her life to create a healthier, happier home for her family, below:

What has been your Améo journey?

Holly: I was simply looking for the best natural solutions for my family. But, in the process I fell in love with helping myself, my family, and my friends find answers to their health problems. When so many of them were finding simple answers and solutions they wanted to know more! I’m just a wife and mom who cares a whole lot, not someone who wants to sell junk or a quick fix. I can see so many around me who are suffering needlessly and the opportunities to help them are abundant. I’ve been able to build a business and dream about living a bigger life of more impact because of these products.

Why Améo Essential Oils?

Holly: Quality, science, and transparency. Améo stands for quality. In a side-by-side comparison of lavender to lavender, you can not only smell and feel the quality difference, but you can see it! Améo is clinical quality and the only kind you should be using to influence your healthy living. Anyone can say anything about essential oils, and while anecdotal stories are important, biology and chemistry are undeniable. Améo’s research is validated by those who have credentials and don’t just tell you, they show you! I’ve honestly never seen such thorough and honest and integral corporate leaders and staff. There are no secrets with Améo and that’s refreshing!