Bob and I just celebrated our 6th year anniversary with Zija and our 26th year in the Direct Selling Industry. We have had a great life, being in this industry has given us the opportunity to work with and be mentored by the best. Previous to 2006, we also had a construction business. We had always build our networks part-time while earning full-time incomes. Bob retired the construction company after 40 great years and we were able to begin traveling, coaching, and training with our team.

Our turning point to sharing these products with others came after some proven results were revealed to us by our health practioners. We started learning about the science side and became very confident that we could help others on their journey toward better health.

Zija products helped us with some very serious, very challenging health issues. If I had not seen the transformation with Bob and the way that he was able to regain his healthy zest for life back, I would not have believed it. When his doctor said he had never seen these types of results before, we knew we had to call on others with similar challenges.

The best opportunities that have come to us through Zija, have been the lives that have been changed through both the products and the opportunity as a Distributor. With Zija leading with plant-based solutions and having sound science behind every product, we know we will continue to be on the cutting edge of the future of personal care products.

Zija’s Product Advisory Board has been so helpful in the education and training of these products. Through these training platforms, we have become aware of what ingredients to look for when using different products and how to share them with others properly. Although Zija’s products do not treat or cure anything, they have given our bodies some much-needed nutrition for our busy lifestyles.