Prior to Zija Lorelei worked in the film industry and also ran a hip-hop dance company, which, when combined, had her working 80+ hours a week. This stressful lifestyle is what contributed to her issues with weight, fatigue, and an extremely poor immune system. Her husband Joe, as a mailman for Canada Post, would walk over 20 km (over 12 miles) per day, but still struggled with being overweight, chronically tired with various muscle aches and pains, and dependent on prescription medications. Even though they were both active and health conscious, they were a perfect example of a couple doing all the right things but nothing changing for the better, physically.

Though unfortunate circumstances, Lorelei and husband Joe had hit a financial roadblock shortly after their first son was born but decided it was a blessing since it forced them to look at other ways of making an income that would allow Lorelei the time freedom to be a stay-at-home mom. When introduced to Zija, Lorelei immediately saw this as the answer to their financial problem while being the solution for her and Joe’s mounting health and weight issues as well.

The Zija products absolutely exceeded our expectations. Using SuperMix, XMburn (XMturbo in Canada), and Premium Tea, we were able to lose over 65 lbs. collectively within the first 3 months and have kept it off permanently through the years. We have more natural energy that’s consistent throughout the day, extremely necessary now that we have 2 young boys to take care of. Our aches and pains have disappeared and we feel as though we are in the best health and shape of our lives.

We have been committed to sharing our Zija testimonials with as many people as possible since day one. By simply doing so we have been able to help countless friends and family experience their own miraculous transformations while bringing in a secondary, residual stream of weekly income—the value of which is priceless since it allows us to spend more time with our kids and give our time to the people and causes that we care about.

It started out as a small home business venture and has turned into so much more. We wake up every morning with purpose and an obligation to share our stories to pay it forward, to give others the opportunity to experience what we have, and to know this is how we can make the world better, one household at a time.

We are so grateful for what Ken Brailsford has done by founding Zija and helping a family such as ours discover health and time freedom. Because so many people are living in darkness unaware of the physical freedom that comes with increased vitality available at every age with small simple changes towards a natural and holistic lifestyle easily attained with the unparalleled, high-quality, plant-based products that Zija provides. It’s our duty to shine a light in people’s lives and share the possibilities.