Before Zija, Like many people, I was overworked. I had a full-time job, ran a dance school, a real estate business, and DJ’d on the side. I struggled with low energy, a poor immune system, and was gaining more and more weight as the years flew by. My busy schedule and very demanding job didn’t allow me to take time off for vacations, I had no control of my own time.

The turning point was when I got into a severe accident. I was hit by a truck crossing the street, I was in a wheelchair for 6 months and out of work for a year. I completely lost my ability to earn income overnight. Learning about Zija was a true blessing and it changed my life in every way possible. Not only did I find a way to take control of my health, time and financial freedom, and build a future for myself and my family, I was helping others I care about to do the same. I’m finally living a life of purpose knowing I’m making a difference with solutions to the biggest problems the world is facing today. We are empowering people to discover true health—not to just accept the status quo—while building time and financial freedom! As well as, there’s no culture out there like Zija! A genuinely supportive community of people who want to help each other grow to become our best and achieve our life goals and dreams—Zija is a family for life!

Zija has helped me maintain a strong immune system I am no longer dealing with recurring bouts of respiratory issues. I’ve also been able to maintain a healthy weight without having to have a restrictive diet. I get to eat what I like and make healthier choices as a result of giving my body the very best nutrition, inside and outside. As for my skin, using the GenM skin care products and Améo Essential Oils, has done wonders for my skin it looks and feels 10+ years younger, people still can’t believe my age! Additionally, the Morclēr is the best water purification system ever! It’s must-have in every home and I truly believe everyone in the world will be using Zija! I truly can’t live without SuperMix, Premium Tea, Prime, AGX Women, and Eleviv!

The opportunities that have come from these products and building a business with Zija are beyond what I ever imagined my life would be. I have found an easy way to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, using the best plant-based products on the planet! Plus, by sharing them with others I get to help them make positive changes in their lives. The ability to have a positive impact on the lives people all over the world by simply sharing my experiences has been priceless. When you can touch people’s lives and inspire them to take control of both their health and freedom…they can truly live their best life. Let’s get ready to help even more people feel their best and build a legacy for their family!