I am originally from Australia, but I’ve lived in Canada now for 10 years. My background was corporate retail, after losing my mum suddenly to heart disease a few years back I decided I needed to drastically change my life. I had suffered for years with depression and anxiety in my career, I was stressed out, overworked, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

Pre-Zija, physically, I was severely overweight for my size; at the highest point, I was 165 lbs. I would wear baggy clothes, avoid going out, and hated shopping. I had always had a petite frame and my weight has fluctuated my entire life, but this was the heaviest I had ever been. Emotionally, I was uncomfortable in my body, ashamed of how I looked, and some days I would struggle to get out of bed as a result of all of this.

The turning point was when I attended my first Zija Summit in September 2016. This was my second network marketing company, and I had taken a huge break between the two. My leaders had suggested I attend to reignite my passion for the business and why I started. Thank goodness she did—this was THE turning point in my life for where I am today. Seeing all of the amazing testimonials, I realized I hadn’t fully committed to getting started, and I needed to build my own belief not just in my products, but in myself. After that Summit event, I came home and ordered SuperMix, Plant Protein, XM3, and Premium Tea and began right away. In the following few months, right before Christmas (and even over the holidays maintained!), I lost 37 lbs! I have never felt better, I LOVE my body again—I can’t believe how good it feels to enjoy putting on clothes every morning and stepping out into the world!

transformation image (before and after), fatter woman on left, more fit woman smiling on right

Zija products (when I committed) made this kind of weight loss and maintenance, so easy! For me, it is really about the convenience—fast, simple and tastes amazing. I will never go a day without my Zija again!

During this transformation, I began sharing before and after photos, and my business took off. I was enrolling new customers all over the place, attracted some amazing leaders, and rebuilt my confidence in the process. This physical transformation created a mental transformation—from the inside out!