Michael Hecktus has spent 40 years evolving with his love of fitness. He’s done it all—he’s been an avid runner, a passionate spin class attendee, and a weight lifter competing at the national level. While his passions have transformed over the decades, his belief in needing a proper mindset to achieve his fitness goals has remained constant. He believes transformation doesn’t start at the gym, it starts with good diet and supplying your body with nutritious energy; it’s a lifestyle change that you need to take step-by-step. Michael’s business has a grassroots foundation because he believes in supplying people with proper nutrition with Zija’s products and helping them set realistic goals that result in a lasting active lifestyle change. Read more about Michael’s expertise on achieving an active life and how Ripstix Active Life Supplements helped him do it, below:

How do the active life and fitness products help you?

Michael: The clarity of my thoughts and the energy that I receive from these products is unbelievable. I really believe everything starts in your gut and with your mindset. Without the nutrition I get from these products I don’t feel like I’m truly meeting my potential. Because of these products, I get to do what I am passionate about—helping people find their health. We all have it, we just need to find it. These products provide a platform for people to discover their ability.

What’s your priority when picking a fitness supplement?

Michael: For me, knowing where the supplements are made is hugely important to me. I want to know what is in the supplement and why the ingredients are in there. That’s why I love Zija’s products, because they are plant-based and it makes me feel better that they come from the ground. There is so much precision and care that is taken in making the Ripstix products. A game-changer for me was learning about the process surrounding the preservation of the nutrition within the products. The entire creation and manufacturing process is what matters to me in picking an effective supplement.