If you read the beauty magazines or watch the television ads, it is hard to miss the fact that one of the hottest trends in skin care are multi-functional products. We are all leading busy lifestyles, so cumbersome beauty routines are more of a luxury than a necessity.  Plus, finding one product that can perform multiple functions helps save time and money.  So, we are all on a quest  to seek out powerful products that can address our greatest concerns . . . the look of aging.

One of the greatest challenges for both women and men is the eye area. As we age and lose collagen and fat, the eye area is prone to a number of challenges; dark circles, sensitivity, dry skin, crow’s feet, 11 lines (between brows) wrinkles, and sagging skin. One of the reasons our eyes show our age is because there are a smaller number of oil glands in that area and this leaves the skin without a protective layer of oil. This area is also prone to producing wrinkles from repeat facial expressions like blinking, squinting, rubbing, and more. But, much of the same is true for some areas of our face and neck where the loss of collagen and fat leads to a breakdown in the foundation of our skin and we see lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

It is known that serums are generally the powerhouse of any skin care line as they contain fewer ingredients at higher concentrations and without the heavy fillers and oils. One of the greatest developments in the technology of skin care was the introduction of peptides. Peptides are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins—and one of the body’s most important skin proteins is collagen. Collagen is essentially the foundation and youth of your skin. Therefore, finding a peptide-based serum can be one of your best investments for your skin. And, there is no reason that a peptide-based eye serum, can’t be used on other areas of the face, around the outer lip area, and on the neck to help reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles as well as help firm sagging skin. A double-blind study of peptides on skin quality showed that between the ages of 40-62 and after four weeks of application, 75% – 80% of the subjects saw an improvement in smoothness and firmness; also a significant reduction in number of wrinkles and wrinkle depth.

For best results, serums should be applied prior to any other cream or topical treatments since serums are fast absorbing.