Developing a product that continues to lead and grow the Natural Health Revolution does not happen easily or overnight. Innovative and effective products take years of development, research, and fine-tuning. Rigorous testing, research, and trial use are just a few of the methods we utilize to select ingredients. If something does not meet our quality checks, it is discarded and we start from scratch again.

Many of our marketing materials only cover a small portion of the research and usage of our products and their unique ingredients. In an effort to help educate the masses about the research and benefits of our products, we launched Zija Mastery – Products for Higher Living with Dr. Scott Johnson, who explains in a fun, easy-to-learn, and educational way the plethora of benefits, usage, and research done on our products and ingredients. Empowering you with greater confidence in our products.

This year, at our international Zija Summit, fun and exciting breakout sessions will demonstrate snippets of the Zija Mastery program along with new product education for items being launched at Summit to help you naturally nourish, condition, enhance, and restore. Those who attend Summit will be able to experience the new products with special discounts before they become available to the rest of Zija Nation.

So, if you have not signed up yet, be sure to do so here! It is not an understatement to say that the products that will launch at Summit are life transforming. Being the “guinea pig” this year, I have had the opportunity to use and research many of the ingredients myself. In a matter of three months utilizing the new cutting-edge ingredients in our upcoming products along with existing products and a strict exercise program, I have been able to lose 30lbs. I experienced a transformation; I feel better, I think clearer. Please, come join me and the rest of Zija Nation and experience the Natural Health Revolution. Come MOVE with us.