Who knew small little gifts (with a big impact) stuffed in a giant sock can make the holidays so much fun!? With these gifts, you’ll be the pseudo Santa hero. They offer practical, fun, helpful, and deliciously-scented options that teens, partners, and other family members will be delighted to receive. These gifts are proof that the best gifts really do come in small (sock-like) packages!

Wearable CBD Squares: For the holiday stress case in all of us—this little package of relaxation offers 15 mg of hemp CBD oil. Helps with everyday aches + promotes a better mood? Sign us up for a stress-free Christmas morning!

Cranberry spice flavored protein bars: Tastes like a tootsie roll, but good for you. We know you want to reach for Santa’s leftover cookies from Christmas Eve, but grab one of these bars to start your holiday off with 15 grams of plant-based protein.

Holiday-scented salves for dry patches and cuticles: It’s the most wonderful—and dry—time of year! Keep your lips looking mistletoe-ready with these frankincense and mangosteen-rich all-purpose salves.

Shower steamers: Like bath bombs, but so much better. You’ll turn your shower into an aromatic, spa-like experience. These little guys are infused with essential oils—guaranteed to be a stocking stuffer favorite.

Good-for-you gum: A perfect little minty pick-me-up on Christmas morning. Fresh breath, clean teeth, and a clinically-studied probiotic are provided in one of these sugar free gum tabs.