Summer fun: bathing suits, pool side, outdoor activities, and great vibes. But, there are a few things the seasonal transition brings that aren’t quite as fun, like major skin changes.

The outdoor heat combined with indoor air conditioning can strip the skin of much needed moisture. Chlorine in the pool can further strip the skin of its natural oils causing dehydration and an impaired barrier function—leaving skin dry and flaky.

To combat dry skin use an alcohol free skin toner that can bring the pH of your skin back to a proper pH balance. This will make your skin more receptive to absorbing your moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that contains humectants which will boost and bind moisture to the surface of the skin—preventing dehydration.

Dirt, oil, and debris from the outdoors can build up on the skin leading to oily skin, acne flare ups, and an overall dull complexion. It is important to detoxify your skin to remove these impurities and to keep the free radicals from aging your cells. Clay masks are an ideal way to purify the skin and at the same time, deposit valuable natural minerals into your skin.  Seek out a French Green Clay which is a negatively charged clay that can attract and extract the positively charged toxins in your skin. To bring out your skin’s radiance, use an exfoliator that can gently roll away the outer layer of dead skin that can be keeping your natural glow from shinning through.

Scientists are uncovering more proof that the rate at which we age, is linked to a cap on the end of our chromosome called a telomere. This telomere contains DNA sequences that gets passed along as our cells divide. The faster that free radicals shorten our telomere, the faster we show age related changes. When the skin is exposed to high levels of sunlight and pollutants in the outdoor environment, our skin is exposed to free radicals. Short term this may result in hyper-pigmentation which appear as irregular dark patches. Long-term, it can result in loss of elasticity and the breakdown of collagen resulting in skin sagging, wrinkles and loss of skin tautness. Mangosteen oil is here to help neutralize the damage of free radicals and optimize collagen.

Always remember, one of the best defenses you have in the summer is protecting your skin with sunscreen. Look for a product that has at least a 30 SPF, is water resistant, and has broad spectrum.

Simple skin pick-me-ups now, will keep your skin looking younger, longer!