Tara Johnson-Brower is nothing short of busy and hardworking—a wife, mom of two, the vice president of a counseling center for vets and their wives, and someone who prioritizes lasting solutions with healthy products. She’s had to navigate family dynamics of being a hairstylist for over 17 years and having a combat veteran husband. They found themselves surviving day-to-day, simply waiting for something to bring them hope. She says once Zija’s products and the people aligned with them entered their lives, they found their optimism. Read more about Tara’s enthusiasm for the GenM Personal Care products and the simplicity they’ve brought to her life, below:

How have these products helped you through your challenges?

Tara: The challenges prior to using these products was that I just simply didn’t take care of my skin. I didn’t have the time, didn’t want to spend crazy amounts of money on a skin care line, and never found anything that I liked until our GenM products. I now feel confident in my own skin, wearing makeup, or not, all because of our amazing line. Plus, I truly believe we were created to serve. For me to be able to offer these simple and healthy solutions to others means that I have a chance to be a small part of someone’s story. So, when I think about our amazing products I see so much more. I see a chance to impact others in a positive way.

What has been your skin care journey?

Tara: For starting out as a non-skin care person, GenM has been such a breath of fresh air! Even after using the 2 Minute Miracle Gel for over a year I am still fascinated—and who doesn’t have two minutes?! I always struggled with dry skin and now my skin feels so soft and hydrated. At my age, I really need to take care of my skin. With our GenM line, I know exactly what is in each of our products and can pronounce every ingredient. These real ingredients produce real results. It also gives me peace of mind that if my boys just so happen to get into my skin care it won’t harm them in any way…because boys will be boys!