It’s now been over six years since I was introduced to these phenomenal products that radically change my life! Pre-Zija, I was a family man who owned a construction company and Rodeoed. My passion was roping horses and being out in the ranch or fishing. But, I caught myself in my late 30s being overweight with no energy and had a few health issues. That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to Zija and wow—within days on Zija’s SuperMix I felt better than ever and I had more energy and my joints felt so much better! Within 60 days on SuperMix, XMburn, and Premium Tea, I was able to lose 30 lbs. permanently, without any crazy diet or exercise.

That was the turning point for me and what began my CrossFit journey! My wife of 18 years now has always been active and worked out, and for me to walk into a CrossFit gym with her was a big deal. I really believe the products gave me a big push! They gave me confidence, focus, recovery, and more energy to go harder, which gave results much faster than others. I’m now in my 40s and I’ve never looked or felt better.

The biggest opportunity that has come is that I am able to pass this knowledge on the others and help others hit their goals through our plant-based solutions!

transformation image (before and after), fatter man side angle on left, more fit man flexing muscles on right
transformation image (before and after), fatter man with back turned on left, more fit man flexing muscles on right