We live in a world where beverages come in all sizes and flavors—and they are everywhere we go. If you prefer sugary, tasty drinks over a glass of water, I can’t blame you. There was a time where I couldn’t get through the day without at least one Dr. Pepper! But it took lots of stomachaches and acne flare ups for me to realize that making water my daily drink of choice is the best choice. Why? Because just like soda, water comes with a list of after-effects. The difference is the after-effects of water are much more welcome than those of soda.

Skin is 64% water, so the absence of water will leave wrinkles more pronounced and pores more prominent. If you want to give your skin the best chance it has against aging, free radicals, and sun damage, drink moderate amounts of water throughout the day. A healthy glow will start to appear and your skin will be much more well-equipped to handle the harsh environment it is faced with everyday.

Brain Function
Even mild dehydration can greatly affect your brain, so keeping it hydrated is key. You can suffer from unexpected anxiety, memory-loss, and increased headaches if you don’t hydrate up top. The key here, though, is to drink a healthy amount of water throughout the day. It can be dangerous to drink large quantities of water in a short period of time. Slow and steady wins the race!

Prevent constipation and boost your metabolism so you can properly breakdown your food by doing—yep, you guessed it—drinking water. Your digestive system will thank you as proper hydration promotes regular bowel movements and gives your colon the necessary hydration it needs to soak up the nutrients in your food.

Weight Loss
If you’re on a weight loss journey, make water a key component to your strategy. Drinking water before meals can help suppress your appetite as it fills your stomach, reducing your need to eat more than necessary. It also helps increase the rate that the body burns fat, and helps eliminate fat cells. Last but definitely not least, water is completely calorie-free! Replace sugar-laden drinks that are overflowing with calories and you will see the pounds drop.

Tip: Ensure the water you are drinking is filtered and safe to drink. You may find that the tap water you are currently drinking isn’t as safe as you previously thought. Learn more about MorClēr by Zija and how you can filter your tap to be clean and completely free from harsh chemicals!